Thursday, October 12, 2000

Today was a calmer day at work. I am solo parenting this week - jenn's out of town. I shared some joy; accepted an apology; shared some good words; passed on a true compliment; hunted (fruitlessly) for The Boss; used the sustain pedal on my piano; had a Blizzard; read two stories.

I spent lunchtime at the Great White Leader's new digs. Sometimes I think he and I could be friends. He still doesn't trust me - I've got to learn to stay low and not make any threatening moves. I shared some advice about work stuff and we talked about family. He's got a nice family and I think we both value our families.

I've decided being a dad is fun.

Today I learned that you should respond to people, even if it is only to acknowledge that you heard them. Some people need that.

Tuesday, October 10, 2000

First post to blog. In the living room. In the dark. Listening to Chemical Brothers, Camoflage.

Hello world.