Thursday, October 12, 2000

Today was a calmer day at work. I am solo parenting this week - jenn's out of town. I shared some joy; accepted an apology; shared some good words; passed on a true compliment; hunted (fruitlessly) for The Boss; used the sustain pedal on my piano; had a Blizzard; read two stories.

I spent lunchtime at the Great White Leader's new digs. Sometimes I think he and I could be friends. He still doesn't trust me - I've got to learn to stay low and not make any threatening moves. I shared some advice about work stuff and we talked about family. He's got a nice family and I think we both value our families.

I've decided being a dad is fun.

Today I learned that you should respond to people, even if it is only to acknowledge that you heard them. Some people need that.

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