Tuesday, November 07, 2000

Today I booked off work in what is known as a Personal Time Off (PTO) day. PTO days are the modern combination of sick and vacation time. They are in place so that employees that are healthy get the same amount of time off as the sickly ones - we healthy ones just get to spend the days doing fun things instead of hunched over a toilet or laying in bed sweating. I decided to try out this utopian system by taking a random day off to have some laying around time. Well, it was quite enjoyable. I spent the entire day in sweats and my comfy slipper-socks, reading, surfing, eating leftover Hallowe'en candy and occasionally checking in on the boys at work. Every day should be like this.

Tonight ended up as a Costco night. We needed a few supplies and decided to make it a dinner outing, as well. After grabbing a few gargantuan portions (I always think of that toilet paper commercial), we headed straight for the family's favorite section of Costco - the book row. It warms my heart to realize that my kids have picked up my love for books. I see my 6 year old on the floor with a book, oblivious to her surroundings, and I know that she'll always be able to entertain herself.

Banana begged to by a book called "Chicken Soup for the Preteen Soul" and I have a soft spot in my heart (head?) for books. I don't think it's a bad thing to buy, even if the stories are a bit corny and this Chicken Soup series has started on the marketing bandwagon. I think it's good wholesome reading, it reminds the reader of morals and Banana seems to enjoy it.

This weekend was a busy one - I was up in Edmonton visiting Dad and trying to keep the chilluns entertained. I'm afraid that I didn't get much of a visit with Dad - he didn't want to come to the Mall for the amusement park afternoon and evening (I didn't even bother asking him about coming to the waterpark the next day) and so our time together consisted of lunch at McDonalds (the kids idea) and then a bit of time in his cramped bachelor suite. I could tell that he is lonely in Edmonton with the rest of the family in Calgary. He mentioned moving down to Calgary - I think it's an eventuality.

I'm off to Vegas for a trade show and conference on Friday - I'll be gone until next Saturday. I am really excited about going - it will be a big, flashy very American to-do, and I am going to swim in the over-the-top-ness of it. After that, it's down to Tempe, Arizona for a Technology Chief meeting. Am I a fat cat, or what?

Sade is now playing in the stereo as I type. The mood is calm. McMonkey has wandered out of her room, night owl that she is, and curled up on the couch to be close to people as she falls asleep. She is the most gregarious girl that I know. The absolute worst punishment that she could have thrust upon her is solitude.

Today was a no activity day in the basement. The little three bedroom bungalow we live in is undergoing basement renovations right now. Jenn and I bit the bullet and paid a contractor to do the work, but we have a guaranteed completion time, and it's just 6 weeks away! I look forward to having an office, a cave where I can play my music, retreat to, have a my space and have things set up my way. I am already looking at desks and planning how the new home network is going to laid out. Oooo. I can't wait.

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