Monday, November 27, 2000

It's been AGES since I've blogged. Boy I missed it.

I ran into an interesting phenomenon this week. I was given tickets to a swanky piano Gala Event, the Esther Honens International Piano Competition. My first thought of who might like them was my piano teacher. When I offered them to her, she turned them down, as she felt it would only be "about 20 minutes of playing and mostly speeches". At this point, I realized that she was a purist, and didn't care for all the trappings of the whole performance shebang. She just wanted to hear talented pianists. This is an attitude that I run into on a regular basis in the Technology field. I thought it was specific to hardcore techies. I stand corrected. When I shared this realization with a coworker (whom I consider to be a purist himself), it led to a short discussion (short because we were at work) on the nature of purists, and what they get out their passion. I think I'm going to get more info out of him on this subject.

Part of this weekend was spent at a music lesson, in which my eldest daughter was told by her music teacher that she was NOT ready for a recital on Monday, and that she better get her fanny home and practice, practice, practice until she knew the piece cold. This was one of the first real lessons of "hard work required here" that this child has had to learn in the cold, hard world. I wonder how things went today.

Ever been called a freak to your face? The elctrician who is doing the wiring in our basement renovation mentioned that he has worked on projects before where other "computer freaks" have asked him to pull Cat5 computer cable to every room. I can't be that hard core - I didn't even ask for a jack in the bathroom.

A good friend told me that she hated the Christmas season for all of the anxiety and guilt that came along with it. I am beginning to see why. Relatives are beginning to overlap in their plans for coming to our house for a visit. Some get along well, and some ... don't. I just want to enjoy it with my kids. Maybe I will. Come and visit if you like, and first come, first served on the spare bedroom.

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