Friday, December 19, 2003

Sometimes gift-giving events can be downright embarrassing.

We had a White Elephant gift exchange at work on the last day that everyone was going to be there. I was fourth person to choose in the draw and had a brilliant strategy. I was going to go for the biggest and heaviest gift.

On the fourth draw from the selection of names, I was picked to go and choose from the pile of wrapped, non-descript, unmarked gifts and was rewarded with a 750 ml bottle of Baileys. It was quickly stolen (we had a one-swap-and-the-gift-is-permanent rule) and so I went back to the pile and picked the next-biggest gift, which turned out to be a gag gift. It was a very nice apron with a big flap that lifts up in the front and artificial (but very authentic looking) naughty bits under the flap. It looked like I was flashing people when I put my hands in the pockets and lifted the pockets up.

I thought it was funny, but not really appropriate for work. I made the best of it, though. I put the apron on and taunted the male co-workers a bit when they went to choose their gifts, trying to get them to come and "steal" my gift. I was acting as the ham, but I surprised myself with a flush of modesty.

I know I offended at least one of the people in the office and I'm not sure that I'm comfortable with that.

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