Friday, March 05, 2004

Family Updates:
  • McMonk is growing her hair out. It's shoulder length and looking good. Swimming every second day is takin git's toll, but she seems to like the style it's becoming.
  • Banana and her buddy are working on a Science Fair project that has been accepted into the city finals. The project is all about how age effects peripheral vision. Smart cookie.
  • I got back from my second trip to New York in three weeks and I was feeling out of touch with my family. A few days together for a ringette tournament whould cure that.
  • Oh yeah, ringette. We're off to Edmonton this weekend for Petite B Provincials. Banana's team got the wildcard spot. And 'wild' it will be.
  • Devon (our 15 year-old dog) got a good brushing tonight. She really needed it, as she is looking rougher and rougher all the time, with thinning fur and many cancer-like spots on her skin. She rarely jumps up on the bed (I suspect her hips are giving her trouble), she loses her footing when walking on the floor and doesn't sleep much during the night - she just wanders and wanders. I think it's just about time.
  • work has many things on the go - thank goodness I have help in Tech Services Land. I love being busy but hate being overwhelmed. Work is steady but I feel like I'm keeping ahead of it.

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