Saturday, August 03, 2002

I have been having freaky dreams lately involving travelling short distances (like across a city) with difficult obstacles, such as a lake or unnavigatable mazes.

Last night I was in the east end Edmonton, trying to lead my children out of a low-rent condo project that backed onto a big lake. The wooden stairs (which were painted a grayish blue) were rickety and in need of repair. For some reason, I had left the kids there to be cared for and they were pretty much under their own recognizance when I got there. I wanted to get them home to change their clothes and shower as I wasn't sure how clean they were after being in the run-down place. I remember trying to find a boat that was seaworthy enough to take us to the other side of the lake (where the highway was and our car awaited us). While I was looking, the kids went off to play and I had a hard time getting children and boat together.

I have no idea where Jenn was during all this.

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