Sunday, December 29, 2002

The white stuff fell for the first time in months. At 8:30 this morning, almost as if a starting pistol had been fired, the noise from two gas-powered engines dragged their fingernails across my bedroom window. Upon peering out at the four inches of fresh white stuff, I see two middle-aged men who *obviously* had been waiting for this snow to justify (to their spouses) a $2000 snowblower purchase. For 50 feet of sidewalk.

After thirty minutes of dressing, fueling and preparing the machine, maneuvering it out of the garage and *maybe* 5 minutes of actually operating the snowblower, they had completely cleared their walkway, the sidewalk in front of their house, the driveway in the alley and even eight or ten feet of roadway past of their front curb. Here they were, all revved up and no snow to throw. What’s body to do?

Clear your neighbors concrete, that’s what.

I could hear them from where I lay in bed - mmmmrrrrrrreeeeeeeoooowwww, up the front walk, around the house and out the back walkway ….

I’ll have to thank them later, but I know that they had as much fun doing it as I had by not doing it.

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