Monday, December 30, 2002

The whole of last night was spent zipping around Seattle on a Vespa. It was a beautiful sunny day, but there was an undercurrent of anxiety – I was on a mission.

I was given a map and had to go from obscure location to obscure location (both on the highway and in residential areas) to where signposts had been placed. These signposts each had three or four matrix algebra questions or quadratic formulae that needed solutions. I had to copy these down into a notebook and hand them in to a professor by the next day. My Vespa broke down near an exit ramp, but conveniently, there was an older model, abandoned Vespa that I was able to start and use.

I started to get a bit panicked when the police picked me up as an illegal alien (I didn’t have my passport on me) and they didn’t believe my Alberta drivers’ license was authentic. I had to sneak out and reclaim my Vespa, and even then I don’t remember handing in my assignment.

What a night.

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