Wednesday, January 01, 2003

State of the Union:
It's a new year, so I'd like to take stock of how things are.
Things I'm happy with:
  • my profession
  • how my children are developing into adults
  • the amount of reading I've been doing lately
  • my progress on the swim team
  • the city in which I live - it works nicely for me right now and holds much prosperity
  • the group of people that I work with
Things I'd like to (or have plans to) change:
  • the upstairs rooms in our house
  • how much I'm on my bike
  • the layout and design of my website
  • the condition of our second vehicle - essentially a broken-down rustbucket
  • how little time I spend with my friends
  • how slowly our company is growing
Stay tuned for further developments.

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