Saturday, January 11, 2003

Speaking of watching network reruns on DVD, Jenn and I have been looking for a replacement for our one, small embarrassing dip into the kitschy world of limited-run TV series. We enjoyed watching the last two of these, but seeing as CBS has not given us another race to watch yet, we've strayed onto a delicious comedy - Sex and the City.

If you haven't heard of this series, it's not as bad as you might think - and it is. The show focuses on a single, thirty-something New York Times columnist who, along with her three single female friends, explores relationships in their self-absorbed, post-yuppie American lives. Carrie, the main character, documents what she discovers with regards to her friends' and her own experiences, using snippets of text of the column to narrate the 1/2 hour show. What drew me to watch and episode was I had heard that the show had won awards for being witty, poignant and entertaining, so I bought the first season on DVD. Jenn and I recently finished the second season.

The content is definitely steamy and adult-oriented, but it explores with all sorts of relationship quirks. The standard ones - homosexuality, frigidity, sexual stamina, fidelity, size of private parts - are all dealt with. They even explore and discuss the weird stuff too with the various characters they encounter and somehow got away with having you follow and accept that they could, conceivably, end up doing and dealing with all the craziness they encounter.

We find it terribly funny and entertaining.

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