Tuesday, March 04, 2003

On our way back from Fernie, we decided to stop at a aviation museum in a small town south of Calgary. When we got in, we were all amazed at the rich bit of history that the place contained. We were able to touch and climb inside old World War II aircraft, including a Lancaster bomber. We tried to imagine the feelings that some of the pilots must have had, being mostly farm boys from the prairies with little or no experience of the outside world. One day, they were driving a tractor or helping on the farm. Two months later, they might be trying to keep warm in the rear turret of a bomber, 30,000 feet over France and very possibly about to die. It was awe inspiring. I was particularly impressed with the curators, who were all obviously ex-servicemen. Their stories of life during the war and even just in the early days of aerial warfare were rich and detailed.

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