Monday, March 17, 2003

We came, we saw, we competed, we came back with silver.

Banana and the Hurricanes competed in the Provincial Ringette Championships this past weekend. The team ended up playing in the finals, losing to the Saint Albert team 3 – 2. I was very proud of the team and the parents with respect to how they handled losing the final game. Yes, we were all disappointed. Yes, there were a few tears from the players. On the whole, we handled it very well.

The players applauded for the other team when they were presented with medals, a trophy and a banner. All of our parents stayed in the stands right to the end of the ceremony. We were congratulatory in the main hall after the game. I even restrained myself from dealing with the jackass with the airhorn (supposedly illegal in the arenas) who was only using it to drown out our team’s cheers and not to positively cheer for his own team. It was hard for parents and players alike, but we did it.

I think we all learned more by losing the finals then we would have by winning.

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