Sunday, June 08, 2003

My aunt died of cervical cancer this week. It's the same aunt that visits my grandmother on a regular basis. I feel a twinge of responsibility to be more attentive to my grandmother now.

The many tassles of responsibility that edge my blanket of life remained while I tried to figure out why I felt so guilty about not needing to say goodbye to a woman who didn't like me or make any attempt to build a friendship. I lived in the same city as this woman for over six years and only saw her twice - both times due to an accidental meeting. I spent some time away from work figuring out what I needed to do to help those who were grieving. Then I carried on with my life.

I knew very little about the person that she was and how she touched others with her life. I don't think it would be fair and productive for others who are counting me if I were to focus on learning about this relative post-humously. My attention and effort needs to be elsewhere.

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