Friday, October 26, 2001

I like Madonna's song "Ray of Light." I hope I still do after the Windows XP advertising campaign is done with it. I spent Thursday morning at the official rollout of Microsoft's newest product. Nothing special, really, just a big media hype. I *did* get a free copy of Windows XP, which bugged the heck out of one of my hardcore-windows acquaintences. Due to the way it handles licencing and mandatory registration with Microsoft, you cannot just share it around - one licence key, one registration.

I also spent Thursday afternoon in a outplacement workshop at work. The mothership is trying to prepare us for the outside world be giving us job-search workshops and resume writing classes. This afternoon, we critiqued each other's resumes. ... and what was the most common comment?

"What font is this?"

I hope the real world is ready for us.


I am having to crack the whip at work to get all of the disposal duties happening. I am having trouble motivating my team, including myself. This stuff has to get done soon, or it will be just me with three man-months of work to do by myself. In one month. That would really suck.


Today's fashion faux pas - black shoes and white sports socks. How far do I have to go to get attention?

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