Tuesday, October 02, 2001

To IP or not to IP; that is the question ...

I am toying with the idea of getting a static IP address at my home office.

Don't I have enough complication in my life? I could end up spending 12 hours a day just tweaking my HOME system! There's definitely no money in that - I know I can't afford myself.

Just think of the possibilities, though ...
  • my own web server, with almost unlimited gigabytes of downlaodable goodies for the five or six people that visit nuther.com
  • my own mail server to build, maintain, patch, prop up, virus scan, clean out and occasionally rebuild
  • my own DNS server, 'cuz heaven knows I wouldn't trust a professional ISP to provide a service THAT important
  • new, increased monthly expenses from our local telco for my wife to get excited about
  • never mind the extra power consumption, the noise of whirring fans, floor and shelf space to be taken up, etc.

What could be better?


By the way, my home office is now permanently tri-platform. I am running Linux RedHat 5.2, Windows 98 (soon to become Windows 2000 Professional when I get 4 spare hours) and Mac OS 9.2.1 running on a recently acquired G3. I forgot how bonehead-friendly Macs are - it only took two hours of next-next-next-next-reboot's until I had things the way I wanted them. I still need to get printer sharing set up on the Linux box (disguising itself as a file and print server, no less). If tinkering is a sin, I'm going straight to hell.

See what happens when my wife heads out of town? No one is around to shoo me off to bed at a decent time.

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