Tuesday, May 07, 2002

In past entries I've made reference to The Treehouse. Although I do have a very nice treehouse that I built for the kids and myself in the backyard, that's not the one I'm referring to.

When Brad Z., former owner and CEO of EyeWire, resigned from his position as CEO, he was financially independent (that means rich). He didn't have to work again for the rest of his life, as long as he didn't hit the VLTs too often. I didn't hear much from him for some time afterwards. I assume he was taking a well-deserved break after piloting the EyeWire steamship.

Late last year, I became aware that he had rented 3000 square feet of office space and set up shop about a block and a half from the EyeWire building. He most likely was underfoot at home and his wife had urged him to get out of the house. To him that meant get an office and find some businesses to dabble in. The next thing you know, he and a bunch of his well-to-do buddies were holed up in one corner of a high rise in southwest Calgary, trying their hand at several ventures and projects, much like a grownup version of a clubhouse. But a clubhouse with a view (a magnificent view, I might add).

A Treehouse, you might say.

My initial post-eyewire contact was to assist him with network cleanup (the last guy hadn't done a great job of keeping his clients satisfied). This just sort of picked up since then. I now support all of his pet companies' technical support needs.

And I couldn't be happier.

I've had to put Geek and Company on the back burner, but I'm OK with that. I feel that Geek and Co. will only get better with age. I will relight the fire under it as soon as I'm done here (three to five years out, I'm guessing).

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