Thursday, May 30, 2002

What a crappy, crappy, crappy day I'm having.

Here I sit on the tarmac in an immobile plane in Toronto. We've been here for two hours while a mechanic does something to the innards that makes the sound of a '69 Dodge Colt trying to start on a minus 40c February morning. I had maybe 3 hours of sleep last night due to the fact that I took a 12:30 am flight from Calgary to Toronto. When I reached Toronto, I was refused entry into the United States, as the Customs boys have very specific rules about non-Americans working in the States - you now need a letter of explaination from your company and the US company when you travel down to do work. I managed to get the address for the closest FedEx building but my cabbie couldn't find the said address and wasted about 20 minutes driving around an industrial park. At 8 am Toronto time, I was trying to find a crate for my parcel that I was to deliver and install, so at least it could get to where it was going so *someone* could install it. I finally got it into a box begged some some packing material from another company, then got it on its way. Then, Banana phoned me at 9:45 am crying and I couldn't console her.

I consider my business trip a failure, I feel that I've put the business in jeopardy and I'm cramped into a tiny airline seat and my knees hurt.

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