Thursday, October 24, 2002

McMonk has no qualms about letting others know how she feels and what's on her mind. Incidents in the past have reminded and enforced this knowledge for me, but nothing like what happened last night. Her eight-year-old stature, ankle-length skirt, big glasses and innocent, unblinking stare add several cuteness points to your first impression of her, but every once in a while, her brazenness and forthright speech just knocks you for a loop.

Last night, after McMonk's swim practice, she, Banana and I had stopped for an ice cream treat at Dairy Queen. As we were sitting at a booth enjoying our cones, two police officers came in, walked up to the counter and stood in line to make a purchase.

McMonk's eyes grew wider as she looked over at the two burly policemen, standing with their service uniforms complete with holstered firearms, handcuffs and other items clipped to their belts.

"Look," McMonk remarked in a hushed tone, "they've got guns and everything. What are they doing here?"

"They're probably just hungry." I answered.

After some thought, she said, "Can I go and talk to them?" I thought it wouldn't do any harm - the two big guys would probably jump at the chance to do some good public relations by talking to this cute, wet-haired, bespectacled little sprite.

"OK," I answered, "you can go over there." So McMonk climbs out of the booth and walks over to the two standing in line, and then in a voice loud enough for the whole place to hear, says

"HEY! I thought you guys only ate donuts!"

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