Friday, October 11, 2002

Today was a particularly crappy weather day in Calgary, which is alright by me as I am in Victoria.

Jenn is readying herself to run a marathon, which amazes me to no end. She has trained faithfully for it and is poised to perform a feat I thought was reserved for tall, 90 pound Etheopians. The kids and I flew out with her last night and will be here on Sunday to cheer her on. The place where we are staying is four houses away from the route at the 32 km mark, so we'll be able to almost sit on the lawn as Jenn runs by. I doubt I'll even have to change out of my housecoat to wave as she goes huffing and puffing by.

It's two nights before the race and by 9:30 pm local time, she had gone to bed already. She seems relatively stress-free, but just the same I am taking the kids up-island tomorrow to allow her to become properly anxious and jittery.

I hope she appreciates all I do for her.

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