Sunday, May 25, 2003

I am getting ready for what's sure to be the busiest seven days of my life. Sheets of 3/4 inch plywood are going up on the windows, sandbags are being placed around doors and ground-level windows, provisions that keep well without electricity have been purchased, that sort of thing. I have Geek clients that have been beating a path to my door (due to no encouragement by me); I have SIX new staff starting on Monday, servers to purchase and set up, workstations to put the finishing touches on, a phone system to connect to the real world, a tech support gig at an international conference (really!) and a Triathlon - if I have some extra time Saturday afternoon.

And how IS the triathlon training going? In a word, great.

I haven't felt this alive and full of energy since my early twenties. I am swimming better than I have for fifteen years, I'm back on my bike doing road rides (amazing in the fact that I've found time to do it) and I've lost over twenty pounds since Christmas. I've found some excellent training buddies and an fully enjoying getting together with them to work out. One bad thing is that I feel lethargic and drained if I miss a workout. I might be addicted!

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