Wednesday, May 28, 2003

remnants of the big cut

I promised I wouldn't say anything until after she has shown all of her buddies. This is one of the remnants of Banana's haircut this weekend. She went from having hair past the shoulders to hair above the ears within about twenty minutes. The hair stylist was pretty nervous about taking off so much in one go, but Banana new exactly what she wanted. It's a radical change and she seems to be enjoying the shock effect the new look has on everyone.

This week has also been a week of change in her motivation levels, especially when it comes to independent action. Banana negotiated with Jenn and I that she could do whatever she wanted in the morning with her time as long as she was dressed, had breakfast, had hair and teeth brushed, lunch in her backpack and all last-minute duties done, too. This evening, she told us she was starting (tomorrow morning) to make her own lunch.

I'll let you know what's causing the big shift as soon as I find out myself.