Saturday, July 05, 2003

Here's what I'd do:
  • start by sleeping for a whole day
  • watch daytime TV and order pizza in for lunch (I feel so opulent when I do that) for two days
  • take another two days and hang out at a big bookstore, browsing through all the books I'd been to cheap or embarrassed to buy
  • tune up my bike
  • go to an early matinee then sneak into another show after the one I paid for was over. I'd do that as many times in one day as I could.
  • lure my training buddies out for some bike and pool time
  • take a week and hang out at the hostels along Highway 93
  • buzz over to the UK and look up some old friends
  • buy a nice touring bike and zip around southern Ireland for two weeks in the summertime
  • shave my head to see what it looked like
  • put an underground sprinkler system in around my house
  • update the template I use for this blog
  • learn to play at least ten new songs reasonably well on the guitar, then go busking for a day or two
  • go to a skydive camp in Arizona and spend a week jumping every day, concentrating on Relative Work
  • head for a warm beach where I could work on my sandcastle-making skills
  • go to Vegas and finally see that Blue Man show
  • take a day and test drive vehicles
That's it for right now. Where's your list?

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