Friday, August 29, 2003

As my hedonistic days of temporary bachelorhood draw to a close, I have noticed a few things about myself.
  • I produce mostly dark laundry
  • two litres of milk a week is plenty
  • my grocery bill would be very, very low, as the temptation to 'grab a bite' while you are out and about is greater when it's just you having a meal
  • I should not be left in charge of houseplants, let alone pets
  • unless I (or somebody else) create a "To Do" list, I don't get much accomplished in my non-work life
  • I would be spending a lot of time at work if there was no dog or family waiting at home for me
  • I love having music around me - it creates a necessary auditory backdrop
  • chocolate chip cookies for breakfast is an idea that's not that far-fetched
I have enjoyed having some Sean time, but I'm also going to enjoy being back in the hubbub of family life on Monday.

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