Thursday, September 04, 2003

If you have an extensive MSN buddy list - especially buddies with nicknames - sometimes you forget who is who. Apparently, so did someone else.

I was going through my web referral logs and noticed someone who had come (and viewed sixteen pages!) from a link from a page on Curious who was linking to me from MSN, I visited the referring page and found out it was ... me. My visitor had most likely found me by viewing my profile via the MSN buddies link.

When I first started using MSN Messenger, I was given the opportunity to create a personal information page. Being a straightforward, up-front kind of guy, I decided full disclosure was the best policy and so I created a totally ficticious identity and posted it to MSN member page.

I had forgotten I had done this, so seeing it (at first) surprised me. Reading through the profile, I recognized some of my handiwork. I was also surprised that I'd taken the time to fill in all this info. At the time, maybe I was into trolling for geriatric babes. Who knows?

All in all, I don't think it is a bad avatar. I hope I DO look like that when I'm 97.

I was disappointed that my visitor didn't leave a comment.

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