Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Finally, a nice photo of me, running down Banff Avenue during the Melissa's 10 K Road Race.

It was a great race. The sun was shining, my legs were working nicely and the FooFighters were serenading me as the scenery quickly went by. The race route wound through downtown (if you can call it that) Banff, with an out-and-back point three kilometres from the end. As I was heading into this round-and-back, I saw the lead runner come out. "Hey," thinks I, "I should count runners coming back and see what place I am in."

I got to a rough number of 200 before it became too difficult - big clumps of people are hard to count when you're both heading, full speed, in opposite directions. I rounded the turnabout point shortly after and ended up being 189th out of 2700.

A good race, an hour of my favorite songs, sunshine and fresh mountain air. This picture will hold good memories.