Friday, October 17, 2003

Preparations continue for our quickly-approaching trip to Greece. We leave on the 30th of October and have all the details taken care of, and believe me when I say that there were many of them. Flights, car rentals, accomodation at three different locations, transporation between them (taxis, ferries, buses), what to see, where to visit, what to do ... it's all been a little overwhelming. I hope we actually have time to relax.

I don't believe that Banana and McMonk haven't grasped the full concept of being out of school and travelling that far way just yet. So far, it is just talk and numbers and words about places they can't fathom. They've never been in a place where they can't even read the letters of the words on signs. We've stayed in North America for all of their remember-able lives. I hoep that this trip gives them a desire to travel to and experience more cultures and places throughout their lives.

Tomorrow, we are going to listen to an author of children's books who writes about ancient civilizations, including ancient Greece. I hope that this will prepare them a bit for that they are going to see. Travelling is so much more fun when it connects and fits with pieces of information that you already have in place.

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