Monday, April 08, 2002

Clients can be frustrating. I love them when they hand me the cheque. I like them when I solve their problems. Sometimes, though, they can be challenging. Here's a true (although paraphrased) conversation.

Client: Hey, you remember that part that you told me not to buy because it was crappy?
Sean: (with trepidation in his voice) Y-y-y-yes?
Client: Well, I bought one because the salesman said I wouldn't have any problems with it. I tried to make it work and can't. Here you go (handing it to me).
Sean: Do you want me to return it?
Client: No, no, silly. Can you attach it to the corporate network?
Sean: The one that you've tasked me with keeping secure and fully functioning?
Client: Yes. When can I start using my new goody?
Sean: (sigh) I'll get right on it.

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