Monday, April 22, 2002

The weekend was eventful, and filled with events, too. I took Banana and McMonkey with me (on their best behavior) to Lethbridge for the Provincial Masters Swim Championships. I left Jenn to frantically tidy and clean the house (in preparation for her mom's big do) and prepare for the onslaught of relatives. After all, they are her relatives. Har har.

Upon our return home, I sat the kids down, pointed out how clean and orderly the house was and reminded them that we only had three days to return it to it's original state. Banana went straight to work putting cookie crumbs under the sofa cushions.

At the meet I made my expected times and even surprised myself by breaking 30 seconds for a 50m freestyle. Who knows, I may go sub-27 again someday. The Two Broads and the Torpedo were there and added to the entertainment. We were all in our rooms and asleep by 11:15 on Saturday night. Jeez, we really are a old folks swim team.

We saw a 61-year-old break the world record for 50 backstroke, shattering the existing record of 33:71 with a :32.67. I've since learned the strategy for Masters swimming - outlive your competition. If I am still on the team when I'm in my nineties, that club record for the 200m fly is mine.

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