Wednesday, November 06, 2002

A fella at work has made a suggestion to me that has taken root - end every statement that you make with, "... ya JACKASS!" This has nothing to do with that brainless movie of the same name. It would add a jalopeno to the humdrum of everyday conversation. Think of a whole day where you could let people know how you feel about having to be out of the comfort of your home, away from your loved ones and dealing with them.
  • Thanks for your input on that, ya JACKASS!
  • I'll need you to log off your system so I can install that software you asked for, ya JACKASS!
  • I couldn't help but notice that you made some changes to the server this morning without telling anyone, ya JACKASS!
  • I'm just wondering when you could pay me back the five dollars you owe me, ya JACKASS!
  • Thanks for holding the elevator for me, ya JACKASS!
How am I gonna resist doing that now?

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