Saturday, November 09, 2002

One of the things unique to my vocation is that any planned work that I do is usually on systems that effect everyone in the office. For this reason, I find the best time to do big changes to my systems is outside of regular business hours. And my night-owl tendencies sway me toward coming in during the evening and working into the night.

Tonight I had big changes scheduled. After a full and relaxing day at home, I went to swim practice, came home for a yummy spaghetti dinner (with homemade tomato and meat sauce!) then headed off to work. Arriving at the office, I turn on the lights and get to work on the first priority - setting up some music to keep me company. As the whole office tower is virtually deserted, I don't mind turning up the music so I can hear it ANYWHERE in our little office. Due to a purchase made by one of our now defunct sister companies, I have (in the IS graveyard) a set of Harmon-Kardon high performance speakers and a subwoofer. This, combined with my little MP3 player, will make for a good evening. Hmmm, queue up a Motown playlist and time to get to it.

I get the Vandellas beltin' out a heartfelt song, I dance up to the server, open up the backup logs to check and make sure that they completed successfully only to find out that backups aren't finished. I can't do anything until they do, and I have no easy way to find out how long this is going to take (I backup multiple servers). Hmmmm, so here I am, a full tummy, free to putter away at my hobby/job with a bit of time on my hands. Should I wait or should I go? Maybe I should just add some Clash to the play list and think about it for a while.

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