Tuesday, November 19, 2002

It was 2 AM this morning when the alarm went off.

cold, starry nightPull on my clothes, wash my face, get on my heavy jacket and head out to the van. Drive for twenty minutes wishing the heater would hurry up and recreate the warmth of the comforter and duvet I just left behind. Get out of the van, pull out two winter-weight sleeping bags and unzip them all the way around so they could lay flat, like big heavy blankets, on the ground.

Lure two sleepy children (and one sleepy wife) out of the car and onto the sleeping bags - coats, boots and all. Snuggle as close together you possibly can, then pull the last thick sleeping bag overtop of everyone. Try and calm Banana and McMonk down as they giggle and squirm with a mixture of fatigue and excitement at being up so late/early in the morning for this special adventure. Lay your head back and look up, up, up at a show that I won't see again until I'm one hundred and thirty-five years old.

I'm tired this morning, but it was worth it.

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