Wednesday, April 04, 2001

Shhh. I'm covertly blogging today.

See, Wednesdays are "No Electronics Day" at our house. This all started as a bit of self-imposed structure that Thing One and Thing Two came up with on a cold, cold, wet day. They decided that they wanted some special days, and someone suggested seeing if they could go a day without any store-bought candy (this came after a discovery that the cache of lunchbag treats had been ravaged). They boasted that they could go a whole day - in fact, they could go all though the work week without it. So confident were these two, that they marked the calendar of a whole slew of special days. While they were laying out their plan (which included this pagan "No Electronics Day"), I suggested a special day that they might like and (unbeknownst to them) had a hidden agenda. We have a scheduled "Dinner Out" night, Tuesday, which corresponds with a late sports practice. It is also my secret weapon to the age-old question, "Can we stop for dinner (lunch/breakfast/snack) at a restaurant?"

My pat answer? "It's not Tuesday."

If you're a parent, you really should try it. It's been working for over three weeks. Make sure you negotiate taking turns picking where you go.

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