Monday, April 09, 2001

What a day. After a somewhat bureaucratic and dutiful morning and afternoon, I went to Grant's goodbye party, and it was definitely the highlight of the day.

Grant has been with the company (or rather, this group of people as they have gone through their series of companies) for 12 years. The gathering quickly turned into old home week, as ex-Image Clubbers showed up to honor the last one standing. Sadly, I had to leave just as the stories were getting interesting. I heard a few tales of late nights, impossible projects, counting on revenue from an ad campaign to pay for itself (literally), and similar stories. A few jibes and digs flew back and forth between the Image Clubbers, but they were digs that were tempered with affection and were aimed not at causing reaction, but at reminding of more innocent times. There was much respect for this multi-faceted guy we've had at our beck and call for the past while. He's off to a calmer part of his journey and I wish him well.

Being at the party made me realize just what a youngster I was in the grand scheme of the company. I sometimes feel like a lifer here at EyeWire, but I really came in on the tale end of the fun.

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