Wednesday, May 16, 2001

Before I toddle off to bed, I would like to pay tribute to one of the pioneers of the blog, even before there was such a thing as blogging - Andrew Hicks. Somehow, I was made aware of his online diary (perhaps through a forwarded e-mail that bore his web address) back in 1994, when the web was just a shiny new thing to most of us. He was candid, amusing, and apparently in possession of *lots* of free time, as his diary entries had to be coded by hand. I remember looking forward to his e-mails (it was a mailing list before it was a web site), wondering what was up next with this young Missouri college student.

His journal entries were usually witty, politically incorrect, biased, honest. I thought that if I had the time someday, I could pen classics like Hatemail 101 and McDonalds Orientation. Well, just look at me now.

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