Thursday, May 17, 2001

I have an entry on arrogant people rolling around in my head, but I really should get some sleep.

Everybody at work got the word today on when their last day in the saddle would be. The place is closing on March 31, 2002, but I think there will be a big drop in activity around here by September 31st, when many of the departments will have off-loaded their duties to Seattle. I am glad that people are taking it well and now starting to plan for the future. The compensation packages that were offered were fair, so everybody is going to just stick it in their pockets and go on their ways. I wish that we all got to go at once, so we could shake hands, hug, get on the bus and head our separate ways. Instead, it is going to be a long, drawn-out process. It's going to really suck to be one of the ones that has to stay and clean up after the party.

One group that is staying on in Calgary as a lone Getty bastion are the web developers. In talking to some of them, they feel like they are the ones getting the raw deal (staying behind to code, while the rest of the gang heads for new and interesting stuff). When all the designer and non-programmer types are gone, the atmosphere at the office will be drastically different. I hope their boss can keep them all in good spirits.

I'm off to the last day of my Windows2000 class tomorrow. I also get to find out how much junk I bought at the auction at work.

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