Wednesday, June 19, 2002

Chatrooms are a gathering of the loneliest of the lonely, socially-awkward types. Many people are there because they want to hide behind the anonymity of an Internet connection and converse without social restraint and courtesy. That's why most people have come to hear of strange relationships that go on in chatrooms where two people use words to sexually excite each other. Cybersex.

One of my regularly-read blogs put me onto a cybersex tarbaby that a darkly sarcastic and witty writer put up - a false persona of a 14-year-old girl (complete with picture stolen from somewhere). This poor ficticious girl (with the chatroom name AmberForever) has all sorts of Jerry Springer-like nuttiness going on in her life. She sits, electronically, in wait for some unsuspecting pedophile or nutcase to come along and strike up a conversation with her, hoping to use her to get their jollies. What happens is they're pulled down into a hilarious (but foul-mouthed) dialogue that shows how totally wacked-out some these guys are.

The writer pulls no punches and uses all kinds of language and subject matter that may offend or amuse. So, if you dare, be a fly on the wall as AmberForever has a few chat sessions. You better not be at work or have a mouth full of coffee while you are reading some of the funnier ones.

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