Sunday, June 09, 2002

Happy Happy Birthday. A weekend without electronics, spent in the company of friends.

This weekend was a weekend of ghosts: phantom contrails tracing southward in the sky as I jetted up to Edmonton on a sunny Friday afternoon; demons of guilt banished as I caught up with pals I'd lost touch with; spooky feelings of unfamiliarity as I drove through once-familiar neighborhoods and haunts; dates, times, names and faces of shared acquaintances levitating just out of reach as locations of importance slipped by as I did a (bike) road ride on a route I hadn't travelled in 12 years; tales of actual poltergeists at places where I had worked; scary lifeguard stories traded back and forth - it was all a little unnerving.

During the last two days, I toured the city that I used to live in. I've changed so, so much since my days as a high school student, a University student, and then finally a Edmonton Parks and Rec employee. I've only been gone for six years, but it seems like a full existence ago since I knew the streets, the businesses, where things were, what people were like .... I am now fully a visitor in Edmonton and I'm not sure how I feel about that.

Is the Sean that once lived here now a ghost?

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