Tuesday, June 18, 2002

So, What's New?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I was watching the news tonight and nothing is new. Medicines are discovered, epidemic diseases spread. Fanatical partisans continue to feud and war with each other and end up killing many innocent bystanders. Government continues to thwart those who oppose it. Business encourages consumerism through the media which is fed by business.

Although nouns change in this long stream of journalism, it seems the same as it was 10, 50, 100 years ago. I find keeping up with the news a very onerous task. It weighs heavy on the hearts of those who care about humanity. I am glad that some of my friends take matters (that seem so much bigger than my existence) into their hands and act for or against them. When I stop doing the things that provide for myself and my kids, I just want to revel in victories and tragedies in my more immediate circle of acquaintances.

My sympathies go out to the farmers in New Brunswick who's crops were killed by a late and heavy frost, but I fail to see how this affects me, or even KNOWING about it does me any benefit. I'd much rather hear about how the older couple (one of whom has ALS) across the road are getting on now that their son has moved out. Or about how Banana felt when one of the boys in her class (who's parents just divorced) started to cry because they were making Father's Day cards during Art. To me, these are events that hold more meaning and can be impacted more by my effort of caring.

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