Sunday, June 16, 2002

Tomorrow I've been invited to a corporate schmoozefest - a catered and beveraged all-day golfing event at a yet-to-be-disclosed golf course and I'm really struggling with whether or not I should go. The invite was on short notice - our Sprint Canada sales rep called me last Wednesday and asked if I was still interested in going. Not one to pass up freebees ir responded in the affirmative. As the day goes closer, I'm thinking ahead to what the day holds.
  • an early morning, starting with a bus from a far-from-home-meeting-place to the golf course at 7:15 am.
  • a day of heavy drinking, starting (most likely) on the bus trip to the course and lasting into the evening
  • a day of golf, which I neither particularly enjoy or am good at
  • I'll be in the company of people I don't know, all of which will be eventually drunk and likely obnoxious
  • some sort of sales pitch and rah-rah speech for Sprint Canada - after all they *are* paying the bill
  • lots of hokey Sprint Canada trinkets and gee gaws
  • arrive back home, tired and late, to a grumpy and feeling-left-out family
  • potential football head the next day from drinking
  • a whole day of things to do backed up in the pipes at work

  • a day spent outside, walking in the sun (so says Darr Maqbool) occasionally interrupted by golf
  • the knowledge that I've gone on vendor-sponsored junkets before and had a great time

So, what would you do?

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