Friday, July 20, 2001

A Compiled List of First-Thing-in-the-Morning Thoughts
  • where am I?
  • I can snooze for ten more minutes
  • what's that smell?
  • is it raining?
  • How is it possible to work hard at a job that you could do in your sleep? Doesn't working hard imply having to think?
  • I wonder if she wants to ... (!!)
  • my mouth tastes awful
  • what is he doing here?
  • (singing along with the radio song)
  • I feel so much better
  • god damn phone!!!
  • god damn dog!!!
  • already?
  • oh no, not again ...
  • I am never going to move
  • my arm is asleep!
  • where am i? ( this is usually followed by - why am i on the bathroom floor?)
  • why must i be a drooler?
  • i cant feel my legs! no - wait - there they are.
  • ouch.
  • why am I in this tub full of ice, and what does this note on my chest say?
  • good morning cruel world

It isn't too late to add your first thoughts to the pile! The whole idea is to tell me what is the first thing that came into your head as you woke up this morning.

Editor's Note: People kept coming back to this post, reading the note and adding new thoughts. I had NO idea it would be so popular. Instead of me having to keep coming back to this entry and editing it, I moved the list to it's own page.

Thanks for understanding.

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