Friday, July 20, 2001

Ever got nostalgic playing a video game? It happened to me tonight. I had some buddies over and was showing them Midtown Madness. It comes with two cityscapes to drive through - San Francisco and London. As I was tearing through the streets of London, I took a turn down Oxford street and was travelling along the route I walked to work when I went over to set up the London EyeWire office. I slowed down and began to look for familiar landmarks; they weren't there on the screen, but they were as vivid in my memory as if I was actually there. I clearly remember the days when I was there, creating this funky, cool office, working with Steve the Contractor, who had built the Spice Girls administrative office (honest!) there in London. Designing the technical aspects of that office had its challenges, but it was something cool that we (Don, the office manager, and I) had built out of nothing. It was a really good feeling to have created that space, and to be there, totally focused on work - no distractions, no family, no outside commitments, .... It was a second shot at being a fancy-free youth. I can't believe that it was only three years (and a few months) ago that I was there.

I have nothing but good memories of that place. (sigh ....)

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