Tuesday, July 10, 2001

Our company's stock is tanking badly today. How bad is "badly" you ask? 25% of its value lost in 2 hours of trading. In reaction to this, of course, our CEO announced that we will be firing about 350 people. I'm sure that this will inspire those left behind to dedicate themselves even more to the company. I wonder how many of those 350 people will be managers? I wonder how many meetings this layoff decision will produce? I wonder when our CEO will pull his head out and have a look around at what is going on?

It's indecision of upper management, not focusing on what's profitable (sell what you own, not what you get commission on) and endless, boring bloody meetings (often with NO AGENDA - how big a mistake is that?) that are doing us in. We are supposed to be nimble and fast, but we can't get up enough momentum to go anywhere. At this point, I'd be happy to be running, even if it were to the wrong end goal.

And tell the development team to quit buggering around with useless changes to the websites that the customer didn't ask for. Only put out a release of the website when it does something new for the customer.

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