Wednesday, July 25, 2001

I found out they canned one of my buddies on Monday - He was the one that I met in London to open the office with there. He was always a pessimist, but a genuinely nice and caring guy. I hope he finds something interesting and fun to do. I hope I find something like that, too.


I'm feeling like a crappy boss today. I hope that my crew feels challenged enough. I want them to think that their time here was a growing opportunity and not just time and effort that are being thrown away. As much as many of us say that we are being paid and we don't care (within boundaries) what we have to do for this company, I think everybody wants to see their effort go towards something positive and effectual. It just doesn't feel like that is happening anymore.

One of the managers that's staying after the rest of the Calgary office is shut down said that he's noticed many of the employees here have "mentally checked out already." Those that have "checked out" are doing that out of mental self-defence. Otherwise, they'd all be wandering around thinking, "What did I do to cause this thing to tank?"

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