Friday, November 30, 2001

The end of the workday and one less employee. As our office continues it's spiral into oblivion, one of my staff came to the end of his job (as had been arranged in May - nothing heinous) and we walked him to the door. I am realizing as people go that it is not necessarily a bad thing to for them to be on their way. This fella that left is not going to bother looking for work right away. Who looks for employees to start in mid-December? He is going to spend the next month with his kids. I consider him a lucky man.


I'm torn between trying to distance myself emotionally from the group that will be remaining on in Calgary and wanting to warn them. Boys, if it sounds like manure and smells like manure and looks like manure and feels like manure, even if management says it's Shine-ola, guess what?


One of the things that I am going to miss the most is the clever and creative people that I have here at the office. At the ByeWire party, Reech got up and performed an inspiring rap to Bust A Move. The last half of the song (lyrics, Rich? Pretty please?) he wrote as a tribute to all of his ex-workmates. Little things like this that popped up all the time are the jalapenos of day-to-day events that make it worth going into the office and why I cherished my time hanging out with these folk. I guess that I'll just have to make a concerted effort to stay in touch with them.

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