Wednesday, November 14, 2001

Last night I dreamt I was working as a short-order cook somewhere in the Rockies. I was living in a deserted hostel and came back from work one evening, went into the empty dormitory and found a family of seals. I remember thinking that the seals were quite tame, as I could pet or pick any of them up.

Not knowing what they were doing so far inland, I decided to let them stay and set them up in a bunkbed at the end of the dorm. Suddenly, my daughters were at the deserted hostel, along with many of their friends and all their gear (as if they had come for a sleepover). I took one of the babies from the dorm to show the kids and they begged me to keep the whole family. I found myself wondering where I was going to get a steady supply of dead fish to feed them.

Somehow, I think this dream has something to do with me wishing last Monday night (at swim practice) that I be reincarnated as an otter.

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