Sunday, November 18, 2001

- This evening's soundtrack consists of Crash Test Dummies, Ani deFranco, Ladysmith Black Mambazo

This week, I was put in an awkward situation. One of my employees who is quite vocal about getting what he figures is his fair share, came to me requesting to leave early on the following day. I reminded him that he was covering for me that day. He whined and complained about having to stay right to the end of his shift, saying that work was quite slow, it was the last day of the week, and so on. He kept badgering and pestering me about having to stay, when finally I remarked to him, "I'll tell you what - you stay until the end of your shift, and I'll keep paying you. How does that sound?"

That was the last time the subject came up.

My snarky answer accomplished two things: it got my point across that he wasn't terribly hard done by; and it made me realize that I'd finally made it - I had the ability to stand up to a pushy, assertive person and be a sarcastic hard-ass when I needed to be. Those of you who have this ability may not realize that the meek of the earth really envy you sometimes.

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