Tuesday, November 13, 2001

Voyeurism. An interesting concept. You get to peek in on my life through my blog, and I get to have a look at who looks in.

Didn't know that, did you?

Don't be frightened, I just get to see the most basic of facts. Most web sites (mine included) have usage logs. They record your IP address, what page (if any) brought you here, what time zone you're in, what browser you used (Internet Explorer is still on top, dammit), what language you're computer is set to use, what domain you are in, that sort of stuff. I'm intrigued by where some of my visitors are from, both geographically and which domain they are from (if you browse my site at work, your domain is the last part of your company's web address, like nuther.com).

As a reader, you belong to a diverse bunch. I have readers from the Far East, Europe, Australia, and even Newfoundland. Some of you are rare visitors, stumbling on my site by accident through a search engine while looking up some obscure but interesting tidbit, and some are a-few-times-a-day visitors. I know how some of you found my web page (hello work buddies, relatives and my mom), but not all of you. I tried to get you to remove your masks (as it were) and visit or call in to my Blogparty. It worked, but not *everyone* came. I'm not sure why I'm interested in my audience, but I am.

I think you are all wonderful for tuning into my ramblings on work, my children, oranges, rickshaws and all those other things. I'm glad some of you return to my humble site, because I truly enjoy writing. I peek in on some of you occasionally via your blogs and webcams, but for the most part, I'm a lurker, just like you.

... and a Blogaholic.

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