Thursday, November 08, 2001

Work is bloody depressing these days. The main floor is empty, save a few pockets of life. Walking around there is like being in the first scene of The Andromeda Strain, where the whole town of five thousand people are dead except for two that are tucked away in the far corners of the place. You can tell that there *was* life here at one time due to desks with books, work supplies and debris of projects scattered about. Everything looks like it was hastily abandoned, creating an eerie, vacant workscape.

Dealing with the mother ship is frustrating, too, as my flight out of here keeps hitting turbulent pockets of arrogance and non-comprehension ... sometimes both. At least now they are realizing the proximity of the end and are feverishly trying to do all the work themselves that my team has 80% completed.

And if I think it's bad now, wait until November 15th when we lose the next batch of graduating employees and have more systems to hand over.


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