Tuesday, March 12, 2002

As part of a totally enjoyable day off, I'm watching The Price is Right. I remember watching the show many years ago when I was a youngster and words like "youngster" were still in use. My great-grandmother was a hardcore gamer and used to watch TPiR (The Price is Right) religiously. It was broadcast early in the day, usually before lunch, so you could watch it before the afternoon bingo games started. Grandma (as she was addressed by all of our family, regardless of their actual relation to her) used to babysit me before I was old enough to go to school and I vaguely remember seeing it then.

I didn't get a chance to regularly watch it again until I was in high school. It was during these formative teen years that I was reunited with my great-grandmother. She happened to live very close to my high school. This school was across town from where I lived, but right next to the swimming pool where I trained in the mornings. Rather than hanging out at the school cafeteria during lunch, I went to Grandma's house for a bowl of hot soup. She seemed to appreciate the company. When I arrived at about 11:30, most days I found the TV on and Johnny Olsen inviting people to "Come on Down!"

Just in case you have a job and are not able to watch daytime TV, I thought I'd bring you up to speed.
  • Bob Barker is still hosting the show but he's looking old. He's got all his hair but he's getting a little senile. He called one of the conestants by a wrong name twice. He isn't as frisky with the pretty young girlie contestants as he used to be.
  • I think the games are getting too easy. All six contestants won today.
  • the contestants and the audience still go nuts when the announcer is describing the prize and it turns out to be A NEW CAR!
  • they still use the Cliffhanger Game. I love that little yodel ditty. I can't count the number of times I went back for afternoon classes and had it running through my head.
  • it's no longer a Mark Goodson, Bill Todson production. It's now a Mark Goodson Production. Did Bill and Mark have a fight?

Hey, I just saw a teaser for Oprah at 4 pm. Did I have anything else I was supposed to do today?

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